How to Set up Face ID on iPhone 12 to Secure Your Privacy

Apple had launched the new iPhone 12. Apple claims these devices as the best products of the year. The manufacturer produces it with A14 Bionic chip and the better camera quality. Alongside that, the iPhone 12 has completed with the Face ID as the main unlock feature. By the way, how to set up Face ID on iPhone 12 is the topic of the day. The information is very important for you and the others. Lets check below.

set up face id on iphone 12

Steps to Set up Face ID on iPhone 12 to Secure Your Privacy From the Irresponsible People

Why does Apple apply this feature and delete the home button? Actually, Apple does not dispel the Home button but it just displaces to another place.  According to Apple, Face ID is a security that is much safer than the Touch ID key. Face ID is a biometric face identity scanner on the iPhone 12. Face ID features to unlock your iPhone 12 and lock it back easily. With this feature, no one can open your iPhone. So, you can leave it anywhere without anyone being able to break it. This feature can also be used to authenticate Apple Pay, App Store, and iTunes transactions.

Apparently, you cannot use the feature directly and you have to set the Face ID first.

Below are the steps to set it up it on your new iPhone 12:

  1. Navigate your iPhone 12 to Settings from your Home screen. Then, tap on it.
  2. Find the face ID and passcode by scrolling down then tap.
  3. Next, enter your Passcode. Create a passcode first if you don’t already have one.
  4. Tap Set Up Face ID in the next screen.
  5. Let the Face ID feature on iPhone register your Face.
  6. Click Start.
  7. Place your face in the right position. So that the camera and sensor can scan your face well.
  8. Next, the iPhone will capture all the characteristics of your face.
  9. Finally, press OK to confirm after all the transfer process is complete.

Apple really gives an easiness to protect everything inside your iPhone 12. The fact, the guide to set up Face ID on the iPhone 12 can also be used for the 12 mini and 12 Pro. Now, your privacy is your absolute right!

So you can also use Apple Pay more securely with a Face ID. Take a look at the stores where you can use Apple Pay here.

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