iPhone 12 Pro Max Unique Features You Should Know

Apple launched the iPhone 12 lineup, which included many powerful features and improvements, but the most powerful of these devices at all is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Intrigued the iPhone 12 pro Max unique features ? Check out some of what we can write for you below.

iphone 12 pro max unique features

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Unique Features which is not Available on the other iPhone 12 Series

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has unique features that are different from the other iPhone 12 series, some of them are below.

LiDAR Sensor Technology

Apple has supported its top phones, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro MAX, with LiDAR technology. Which according to the company, is used by NASA in the landing missions on Mars, and with this new technology.

iphone 12 lidar sensor

The camera in the new iPhone can measure the distance and locate the presence of elements with high speed and accuracy as well as creating a three-dimensional map of any space with ease, and so the new iPhone camera can capture clear photos in low light and Portrait photos in night mode, and the autofocus will work faster than before, regardless of lighting conditions.

The First Dolby Vision

Apple announced the Dolby Vision feature in the iPhone 12 family, and it can be said that the iPhone is the first smartphone to support this technology where professional cameras cannot supporting this technology. So far allows HDR video recording in 10-bit quality, this means capturing 700 million colors and enjoying videos closer to reality thanks to the A14 Bionic iPhone chip.

iphone 12 dolby vision

And for those who do not know the iPhone 12 new feature is an HDR video format that works by adjusting images on a frame-by-frame basis or scene by scene, this helps make the image vibrant in color and more realistic and when recording a Dolby Vision video via the iPhone 12 camera.

The technology will start using dynamic metadata in order to map color and improve images on the screen on a per-basis One scene separately, and the new technology is available for the iPhone 12 family and can record 4K videos at 60 frames per second with the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, while with the standard iPhone 12, users will be limited to a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

ProRAW Mode

iphone 12 proraw

The more expensive iPhone 12 devices have the ProRAW mode, which will soon arrive via an update from Apple and will allow the user to edit photos in addition to professionally transferring and processing them, as well as reducing noise and adjusting the exposure multi-frame. This contributes to color adjustment and white balance to get in the end stunning visuals are full of life.

 Sensor-Shifting Technology

Apple supported its iPhone 12 Pro Max with a new optical stabilization technology known as Sensor-Shifting technology, which is completely different from the optical stabilization technology that we are accustomed to from Apple, where the latter moves the lens in the camera to compensate for the movement when taking pictures, which may lead to interference In photos and videos.

iphone 12 sensor shifting

As for the new technology, you move the sensor instead of the camera lens to get you still images that do not contain blemishes or noise even when you move.

MagSafe Charger

Apple always thinks about adding any technology to the iPhone completely differently, as Apple strives to be the best when using any feature, even if it was previously present in other phones and does not care to be the first and this is the case in wireless charging which was available in phones Android has been around for a long time and at great speeds.

iphone 12 magsafe

However, with the announcement of the iPhone 12, the company unveiled a new ecosystem of accessories thanks to MagSafe technology, which can wirelessly charge the iPhone, and although this technology is not new, Apple has developed it to become a charging standard. Completely wireless, and paves the way for a future iPhone without ports.

Energy Consumption on iPhone 12 Pro Max

Many iPhone users see that the most important thing announced by Apple is the support of the iPhone 12 family for the fifth generation networks, although the company is late.

As we said, it prefers a delay in exchange for bringing the best in the feature and this is what I did by waiting for the second generation of chips The 5G modem is the most energy-efficient and this is evident in the new Smart Data Mode feature, which prevents energy drain when operating fifth-generation networks.

And the fact that using a 5G connection when browsing will consume two hours of iPhone battery life, but thanks to the data mode feature Smartphone will be rationalizing consumption and connecting to the 5G network only when needed.

Ceramic Shield For Protection iPhone 12 Series

Apple said during the unveiling of the iPhone 12 that it is equipped with a layer of Ceramic Shield, which provides protection four times stronger and better in the event of its fall compared to most smartphones currently in existence.

iphone 12 ceramic shield

And indeed tests have shown that the new protection layer is more durable, yet this does not mean that the new iPhone is more resistant to scratching, as it should be noted that the back of the new iPhone has not been improved as on the front, so the occurrence of the device on the back will lead to shattering the glass with ease, but it can be said that the iPhone 12 screen is now able to Withstand crashes much better than previous models.

Finally, you will not find these features on any other phone, although some of these features are not new, Apple was the first to add them in the iPhone 12 lineup, and even improved them to work more efficiently and all this is due to the A14 chip, which provides amazing performance and high speed compared to In any other segment.

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