iPhone 12 Hidden Feature that You Probably Didn’t Know

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are now officially available, and customers can obtain it, after the release of the iPhone, many reviews were made and new unannounced features were discovered, either in reports of leaks or even in the official conference to launch the iPhone. You may think that you have become aware of everything big and small about the latest iPhone, but as is known to all, Apple does not reveal all the details at once about iPhone 12 hidden feature, and with time it discovers things that you did not know anything about.

iphone 12 hidden feature

Apple iPhone 12 hidden features you should know about

In this article, we will reveal iPhone 12 hidden feature may not have known that the device can do. here’s:

You Can Charge the Battery to 50% in Just 30 Minutes

iphone 12 turbo charge

iPhone 12 has the option of fast charging through which it charges up to 50% in just 30 minutes. But you have to do it right. To charge as fast as possible, you’ll need the optional 20W Apple Charger and USB-C to Lightning cable that came with the phone.

You can Use iPhone 12 as a Car Key

Apple’s CarKey feature was only in the pipeline earlier this year, and Apple has finally opened the door to let you use your iPhone as a key. You can use this virtual key to unlock, operate your car, and more. You can even share it with others. It’s only available on select BMW vehicles but is expected to be introduced on other vehicle models shortly.

iphone 12 car key

It takes quite a bit to add your virtual key to your Apple wallet. You must have an account on the manufacturer’s website for your car, and both the car and the Apple Wallet app must be linked to the same account. Once paired, you can keep the real car keys in a safe place and carry an iPhone instead.

You Can Stream and Play Games from Your Xbox

iphone 12 xbox games

The A14 Bionic processor includes a quad-core GPU that lets you play console-like quality games. Not only will you be able to play Apple Arcade games, but you will also be able to play Xbox games. Microsoft’s latest Xbox app adds the ability to stream games from a connected Xbox console. And with a faster iPhone 12 processor and OLED screens, the games on iPhone 12 will be impressive.

You Can Take Amazing Selfies at Night

Apple has refreshed the camera system on the iPhone 12, adding a LiDAR “light and range detection” camera. As its name suggests, LiDAR measures the distance from your camera to objects in your surroundings.

iphone 12 night selfie

The LiDAR camera assists in augmented reality applications and plays a role in low-light photography and selfies by improving autofocus and reducing capture time. Add to that the A14 Bionic processor, which enables advanced night mode shooting and great picture in the dark.

Water-Resistance Holds up to a Depth of 30 Minutes

iPhone 12 series has an IP68 water resistance rating, which means it can take a fair amount of risk before major malfunctions begin. The two letters IP in IP68 symbolize protection from ingress of water and dust, while the number 6 refers to protection from particles such as sand and dust, with the highest rating being 6, and the iPhone 12 meeting this level. The number 8 is the water resistance rating, and the highest scale is 9.

iphone 12 water resistance

If you drop your iPhone 12 in the water, it can stay underwater for 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters (20 feet). This is superior to the iPhone 11, which is only 30 minutes water-resistant to 2 meters. It also outperforms the iPhone 11 Pro, which can stay for half an hour at a depth of 4 meters before being damaged by water. But iPhone 11 also has great features. Here you can learn, how to check calculator history on iPhone 11. 

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