iPhone 12 charging port replacement: Your cleaning and repairing Guide

Is your iPhone 12 no longer charging? Does the connection have a bad contact? Then you probably need to clean the Lightning connector. There are repair options to solve the problem with a non-working charging port before the iPhone 12 charging port replacement.

First, deal with the problem yourself. The second way is to contact quality repair services. Read how to do it here. Most of the specifications of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the same, so we give them a single list.

There are many reasons why your iPhone 12 may have charging issues. You may have a faulty lightning cable, difficulties with details (for example, a charger and not only) or an operating system. Sometimes the iPhone 12 has concerns with power consumption, and in this case you can not do without repair.

This post is divided into four sections:

  • How much does it cost to fix an iPhone 12 charging port?
  • Can the charging port on an iPhone 12 be replaced?
  • How much does it cost to fix the charging port on an iPhone?

How much does it cost to fix an iPhone 12 charging port?

There are two ways to fix your iPhone 12. Firstly, you can fix it yourself with or without financial costs. The second way is to give your iPhone 12 for examination and repair by specialists. Let’s first look at how you can fix your phone at home. If the methods for cleaning the port do not help, then we suggest contacting specialists.

Let’s talk about the price:

Here are a couple of costs that may be related to the iPhone 12 chagring port replacement:

  • Removing dirt by yourself—$0
  • Battery Replacement (Original) iPhone 12 by yourself—$0—$100
  • Battery Replacement (Original) iPhone 12 in a service — $70—$200
  • Replacing the iPhone 12 charging connector —$160—$300
  • iPhone 12 Screen Replacement —$300—$400

iPhone 12 repair options by yourself

Sometimes the only issue with the iPhone’s charging port is that it’s just dirty. You should follow step-by-step instructions. Remember, please, you have to be careful to avoid short circuits during a repair.

Method 1. Remove dust with a toothpick.

If the iPhone 12 is no longer charging, and you haven’t cleaned the connection for a long time, toothpicks can help.

Step 1. Take a toothpick and carefully insert it into the Lightning connector on one side.

Step 2. Gently wipe the toothpick along from side to side.

Step 3. Then tilt the toothpick and point it upwards. On the way up, the toothpick brings dirt with it.

Method 2. Clean the Lightning connector with Sticky Notes.

A gentle way to clean it is through a sticky note. The glue on it absorbs dirt well. However, this procedure is more suitable for light pollution. For this iPhone 12 repair option, there are a few steps.

Step 1. Cut a narrow piece from the sticky note at the place of gluing.

Step 2. Bend the glue in place so that the glue is facing outward on both sides.

Step 3. Insert the inverted place into the Lightning connector.

Step 4. When pulling out, the dirt sticks to the bonding places

If necessary, repeat steps 1 through 4.

Attention: Be careful when cleaning and avoid damaging the iPhone. Work gently and do not press. Otherwise, it may happen that the tip of the toothpick will break. Also, be careful not to damage the contacts. Do it on a clean Desk that has enough space.

Signs of dirty connection

By these symptoms, you notice that the Lightning connector may be dirty:

  • The iPhone 12 is no longer charging.
  • The iPhone 12 has a wiggle contact and charges only when you wiggle the plug.
  • Transferring data to Mac disconnect – images are not on display.
  • Adapters no longer work correctly.

When cleaning does not help

If cleaning does not work, you should try the following:

Perhaps the power supply is broken, if possible, use another one or plug the iPhone 12 into a computer. If the device is already connected to the computer, test another USB port on your computer. Perhaps the current connector does not provide enough current.

If you are using a power bank, i.e., a charger, make sure that it is fully charged. The lightning cable may also be defective. Try another one.

Check the power supply, adapter, and lightning cable

The iPhone 12 is no longer charging. This can have various causes. Troubleshooting is best to start with the most obvious sources of problems. First, the socket or the power supply comes into consideration.

Does the lightning cable work at all? This can be easily checked with the connection of another device. If this is running as usual, next check whether the charging cable is properly connected to the charging adapter and iPhone 12.

Use original Apple details or Apple certified accessories when charging

With charging cables from third-party (also not apple certified) manufacturers, there may be difficulties with charging the iPhone 12 or other smartphones. The result: the iPhone does not charge at all or is slower than usual. Therefore, always use only charging accessories from Apple or certified accessories with the logo “Made for Apple”.

Tip: iPad chargers also work on the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro Max. Their higher charging power does not harm smartphones. They even load a little faster with it.

The display is faulty

Although the display of your iPhone 12 is a pretty solid part, it may happen that the screen is broken. Maybe your iPhone 12 fell or came into the water? You were sure that everything was fine with your iPhone 12. Therefore, if you can turn on your iPhone, but the screen remains dark and disconnected, you should check whether your iPhone’s display may be faulty.

However, now you need professional help and iPhone support.

If all the tips here are not successful, it is best to put your smartphone in the professional hands of iPhone repair specialists. iPhone lightning cable repair, iPhone 12 lightning connector breakdown or other defects: this requires professionals. You always send them your iPhone for free. They will analyze the defect and then contact you immediately for possible repair solutions. Specialists always have your faulty iPhone in the best hands.

Just fix your Apple iPhone 12 yourself

Change the Apple iPhone 12 charging connector yourself! Is your Apple iPhone 12 no longer charging because the port is faulty? The USB connector has a shaky pin, and are you having trouble connecting an Apple iPhone 12 to a PC/MAC? The cost of repairing the Apple iPhone 12 USB port is less than buying a new device and saves the environment. If you want to replace the charging connector yourself, since even cleaning has not brought improvement, you are in the right place. Buy yourself a new Apple iPhone 12 charging connector and other replacement parts, a suitable tool and get to work. We wish you good luck in the replacement of the Apple iPhone 12 charging connector.

Please note: Smartphone manufacturers usually do not provide original spare parts.

Can the charging port on an iPhone 12 be replaced?

This repair belongs to the category of quite complex. To install a new part, it is necessary to dismantle the phone screen, and disconnect the battery and other components. You will not be able to remove the display yourself, it is recommended to do this in a professional workshop. In addition, we pay special attention to the quality of the component, since the flexible cable with the connector may be of poor quality, damaged, or defective. Only proven high-level spare parts are installed in the service, at an optimal cost.


  • iPhone 12 stopped charging via cable;
  • does not respond to the connection of the charger;
  • charging worn out, physically broken;
  • water got into the power connector (corrosion).


There are quite a lot of reasons why the smartphone refuses to charge. But most often the fault is a damaged lower loop with a port. In the service center you can get a free diagnosis of the gadget and a quick replacement of the charging port of the iPhone 12 . He will install a new high-quality component with a guarantee.

Repair process

1. Disassembling your iPhone 12

2. Conducting detailed diagnostics of the loop and the device

3. Coordination of the cost and the possibility of repair

4. Assembling your iPhone 12 and giving out your hands.

How much does it cost to fix the charging port on an iPhone?

Replacement of the charging port with your own hands: $10—$150

It’s important to know about iPhone repair!

You should start doing this yourself only if you understand not only the technology but also the device of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This method involves penetration under the iPhone cover, which can become dangerous for your phone. It is in second place in terms of price savings after cleaning garbage, but it is also dangerous. The cost of this method includes the cost of a new charging port. There are several types of charging ports: a flexible cable and an autonomous charging port. Flexible cable is easier to repair (it does not need to be soldered) than standalone charging ports.

In addition, you will need to buy a set of tools, its price starts from $10. It includes tools for precision work:

The set includes 9 items:

  • Pentalobe P2 0.8 mm
  • five-beam screwdriver—1 piece 2.0 mm slotted screwdriver—1 piece
  • 1.5 mm Phillips screwdriver—1 piece
  • Tri-Wing Y 0.6 mm three-beam screwdriver—1 piece
  • Suction cup—1 piece
  • plastic pick for opening—2 pcs
  • blade for opening—2 pcs.
  • Heat gun
  • Pliers with suction cups
  • Battery for Apple iPhone 12
  • The blade for opening the cases is small narrow one-sided

In the video below you will find a step-by-step guide, how to replace the charging port.

Can iPhone battery be replaced?

What are the types of batteries for iPhones?

To replace both the battery and other parts, Apple itself advises using only original components. However, it is quite possible to install a non-native battery in the iPhone.

Consider three types of batteries:

Original. It is removed from the “donor”, from another smartphone of a similar model, which will no longer be in operation due to another breakdown. At the same time, his battery has not lost capacity and performance.

Analogs. They are much cheaper, while it is difficult to guarantee their quality. Often, non-original and budget options may incorrectly display the charge level or require a long recharge.

Premium batteries. They are practically not inferior to the factory ones, while they may cost a little cheaper. They are easy to order in online stores for self-replacement. Such high-quality batteries from manufacturers Pisen and MOXOM.

Reinforced battery. Relatively recently appeared batteries that have a larger capacity. This power supply is analog.

Is it worth changing the iPhone battery

  • The iPhone consumes energy when turned off;
  • the iPhone starts with increased power consumption;
  • the iPhone consumes more energy when making calls, working with Wi-Fi or in sleep mode.

The cost of replacing the battery for iPhone 12

  • Diagnostics – For Free
  • Battery replacement (Original) – $ 50
  • Screen replacement – $65
  • Booking/Tight hydrogel protection – from $15
  • Replacing the back cover – $150
  • Replacement of the charging connector -$ 70

Errors when replacing the battery on iPhone 12

Apple has also made restrictions on battery replacement.

Of course, you can replace the battery yourself and put any other (compatible) one, but the battery error “Important message about the battery” will appear and the iPhone reports that “It is not possible to verify the authenticity of the Apple battery in your iPhone, so information about the condition of this battery is not available” and now you will not be able to see the maximum capacity (battery wear).

Support from Apple

Apple has started using a lot of fragile cables that can easily be damaged during the repair. In addition, the process of opening the phone has become more complicated, without heating and special equipment, it is not so easy to do this. Smartphones of the iPhone 12 line have improved IP68 water resistance at a depth of up to six meters, which means that Apple can use stronger glue in their design. A conventional tool with a suction cup may not be enough. Apple has even started to supply authorized service centers with new equipment for removing the heated display.

Let’s summarize the results

Despite the fact that the iPhone 12 model supports fast wireless charging, most owners prefer to use a standard charging adapter with a cord. To connect the cable connector, the Lightning port of the phone is used, which may be damaged for various reasons.

If your smartphone has stopped charging and does not see the charger — our article offers solutions to the problem.

If your phone definitely needs a battery change and the warranty is still valid, the best option is to contact the Apple service center. So you can get a job guarantee. In addition to replacement, the specialist will also conduct diagnostics to identify problems: why the battery failed.

In case you want to know how to show Battery Percentage, read this Article.

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