How to Install iOS Updates Without iTunes on iPhone 12

If you go with the new iOS version, of course, the benefit is the new features, more exciting changes, and bug solved. It is like using a brand new iPhone. When you are about upgrading your iPhone to the latest version of iOS, it means you have to download the update to your PC and install the update by synchronizing it to iTunes. Fortunately, for those who have iOS 5 or higher, they do not do this again. They can install the iPhone software updates, wirelessly. We have a full guide to try. These guidelines also support iPod touch and iPad. Let’s try to Install iOS Updates on your iPhone 12 below.

install iOS updates

Steps to Install iOS Updates Without iTunes

  • Back up your data to start via iCloud or iTunes. Doing back up for your latest data is important, so you can save them when there is something wrong with the upgrade.
  • Be sure that there is a Wi-Fi connection. It is because the updates are big to prevent wasting your monthly wireless data. Wi-Fi is always faster and easier. When you decide to upgrade your iPhone, make sure that the device has enough battery life. If possible, plug it into a power source when the battery is less than 50% because the process can be quite long.
  • Hit the Settings app on the home screen.
  • Scroll down and tap General.
  • Tap the Software Update menu. It lets your device to check for the available update. The device will give you the report for the available updates, the details of the update to add to your device. Choose to Install now button at the bottom of the screen. The software upgrade for your iPhone is ready to start.

iphone 12 software update

  • The device will ask you whether you want to download it through Wi-Fi with a notification that you must connect your device to a power source. Hit OK. There is a Term screen and choose Agree button at the bottom right.
  • Your device is ready to download with the blue progress bar moving across the display screen. After that, there is a pop-up window, which is the sign that the download completed. The pop-up window asks you whether you want to install the update directly or later. Choose Install.
  • The device starts installing the update with the screen turns in black. It shows the Apple logo. After that, there is a progress bar to show you the installation progress.
  • Once the iOS update completely installed, the device will restart.
  • You need to enter the passcode, the Apple ID password and other basic information to complete the upgrade. Enter it.
  • You have a brand new iOS for your iPhone.

The benefits you will get if you update your iOS

The updater is switches the old iOS for the new one and installs any security updates. It will then take you through a setup process, just to verify your Apple ID details. Then you can continue to use your device like before, but with all the new features.

So there are a few things that can happen if you don’t update your device to the latest iOS software.

  • Your Apps may eventually stop working. When new software comes out most apps start to work in conjunction with the current software that has been released.
  • Security! Yes with new software updates come new security and protection. The iPhone is already extremely secure, but with new updates, it makes sure that you stay secure.
  • Eventually, your phone will slow down. With new updates, they optimize your phone to work its best. Without the update, it may not be able to function properly or even perform certain tasks.

After reading the article about how to install iOS updates on your iPhone, are you going to do it? It’s all up to you.

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