How to Turn off 5G on iPhone 12 – Detailed Manual

Earlier this year, Apple announced its flagship 2021 lineup with the iPhone 13 series, and many of you may have already upgraded to the latest iPhone. Like last year’s iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 also supports 5G mobile services, and if you want to know how to turn off 5G on iPhone 12, you can do so by following the guide below.

How to Turn off 5G on iPhone 12 - Ultimate Guide for Users

What Is 5G

Depending on the network you are a part of, you may see several options for the 5G icon. Here are all of them:

  • 5G: This is the original 5G icon that appears when your iPhone 12 detects a 5G network from your service provider. This type of network is based on the regular Sub6-GHz band. For the best video streaming quality.
  • 5G+: This is an updated version of 5G, but it is based on the mmWave band, which offers a higher frequency. Most service providers, such as AT&T, will map their mmWave networks as 5G+.
  • 5G UW: 5G UW or 5G Ultra Wideband is the same as 5G+, but Verizon has rebranded to distinguish the mmWave offering.

  • 5G UC: 5G UC or 5G Ultra Capacity is what T-Mobile calls its mmWave band network, and it is the same as 5G+ and 5G UW.
  • 5G E: Unlike T-Mobile and Verizon, AT&T offers a third 5G offering in the form of 5G E or 5G Evolution. Although this type of network is advertised as 5G, it is actually based on 4G connectivity and is considered an improved version of 4G, not 5G. This is evident from the fact that 5G E is supported even by older iPhone models such as the iPhone 8.

Okay, let’s see how to turn off 5G on iPhone 12.

Configuring 5G for iPhone 12 by Default Settings App

To be able to enable 5G, you need to make sure that you have the following prerequisites:

  • Your network provider offers 5G services
  • You are in an area with good 5G coverage
  • You have inserted a SIM card into your iPhone 12 or activated a SIM card
  • You’re signed up for a 5G mobile data plan.

Once you’ve figured out the aforementioned requirements, you can start enabling 5G on your iPhone 12.

How to Enable / Disable 5G on iPhone 12 by Smart Data Mode

  1. First, open the Settings, and then select Smart Data Mode.
  2. On the Cellular Data Options screen, select Mobile Data Mode Settings.
  3. On the next screen, tap Voice and then tap Data mode.
  4. Now select any of the following options to enable 5G on your iPhone 12. Apple knows that you only need to be on 5G speeds when streaming or downloading something, so it provided an extra 5G setting to manage data on the iPhone 12.

  • 5G on: When you select this option, your iPhone 12 will remain connected to the 5G network as long as it is available for different background tasks, even if it offers the same speeds as 4G/LTE. You can select this option in areas with medium or high 5G coverage, but it may affect battery life.
  • 5G Auto: When you select this automatic updates feature, your iPhone 12 will use Smart Data and connect to a 5G network if it offers faster speeds to stream video and connectivity. If you get a similar experience on LTE, your iPhone will immediately switch to the 4G/LTE network. You can choose this option for areas with low 5G coverage, and it doesn’t take much of a toll on your battery.

If the area you are in has 5G coverage, you should be connected to a 5G network. When your iPhone 12 is connected to the 5G network, you should see a 5G icon in the upper right corner of the screen, provided that you have turned off Wi-Fi and turned on mobile data instead.

Why Can’t I See the 5G Icon on the Status Bar?

If you’ve enabled 5G in the Settings app on your iPhone 12, but you still don’t see the 5G icon in the status bar at the top, it could be for the following reasons:

  • You haven’t enabled Mobile Data: Apple doesn’t show the type of network connection in the status bar unless your iPhone is connected to Mobile Data for Internet access. If you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, you’ll have to disconnect from it and enable Cellular Data options in the Control Center. You should now see a 5G icon in the status bar in the upper right corner.

  • There is no 5G coverage in your area. If you’re in an area that only offers 4G connectivity, you won’t see the 5G icon in the status bar because there is no 5G network to connect to.

Helpful Video: How to Enable or Disable 5G on iPhone 12

If you want to know how to enable or disable 5G on iPhone 12 then watch this video.

Maximum Hotspot Compatibility

There also seems to be a new setting for Personal Hotspot called “Maximum Compatibility.” Apple states that “the Internet performance for devices connected to your hotspot may decrease when you turn it on.” But it looks like connections may be more consistent and/or more accessible with your iPhone hotspot.

That’s all you need to know about how to turn off 5G on iPhone 12. If you are not sure which iPhone you want to buy? The iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 might be the right choice. Read our our article it will help you to choose it.

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