How to Get Siri on iPhone 12 Easily And Effortlessly

Having an iPhone, you might be happy because this kind of device has many updated features, games, and exclusive apps. It even offers you with the Siri option. By the existence of Siri, you could access your phone with your voice command. Yet, you need to enable it first. Then, how to get Siri on iPhone 12 must become a necessary question for any iPhone 12 user’s. Why using Siri? Because it allows you to pick up the call, send messages with your voice command only. Easy, right? Well, today, we are about to discuss how to activate Siri on iPhone 12 as well. Let’s check it out the instructions below!

get siri on iphone 12

How to Get Siri on iPhone 12 with ‘Hey Siri’

There are some ways to activate your Siri feature on your iPhone 12. Yet, using ‘Hey Siri’ must be the best one; it is fast and requires only a minute to do that. Well, let’s take a look at some tips in the following details below to enable your Siri!

  1. Go to the Setting

To begin with, let you go to your phone’s Settings. Then, pick up the option ‘Siri & Search’ on your screen. Soon, the Siri & Search window will open automatically on your device.

  1. Select ‘Listen for ‘Hey Siri’’ option

setup siri iphone 12

Once the Siri & Search window pops up, let you tap option the ‘Listen for ‘Hey Siri’’ on its toggle button to enable it. Then, click ‘Enable Siri’ selection. This will activate your Siri soon.

  1. Train your Siri

Your Siri has been activated well! Yet, it has not recognized your voice! Therefore, let you continue on the “Hey Siri” command. Then, practice your voice command for three to five times until your Siri is ready! Now, it is time to start your commands!

Enabling Siri with The Side Button

siri side buttonIf you want to turn on your Siri without a voice because you are in a noisy environment or a workplace, just do some things below!

  1. Open ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Siri & Search’ on your iPhone 12.
  2. Activate the ‘Press Side Button for Siri’ toggle by switching it to the right side.
  3. Press the Side button to test your Siri. That’s all! It must be easy, right?

Finally, Siri might also be useful to translate languages, to know weather info, to pick up phone’s calling, and many more. Well, that’s all about how to get Siri on iPhone 12; you could follow those instructions mentioned to activate it.

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