How to Enable Smart HDR on iPhone 12 Automatically

Hi iPhone lovers? Do you need to have some photos which are clearly visible? Do you want it to happen in your iPhone 12? If so, smart HDR is the best solution for you. With this feature in the iPhone’s camera, the light and dark in your photos will be well-balanced. Thus, you can have some better pictures in your photo gallery. The question is, do you know how to enable smart HDR on iPhone 12? In a simple way, you can search the HDR button and click on it to activate it. You will find it on the top of your iPhone screen while opening the camera.

enable smart HDR on iphone 12

Simple Steps to Enable Smart HDR on iPhone 12 Automatically

The new iPhone 12 bring Smart HDR 3, which optimizes the dynamic range of photos, identifies scenes like skies and optimizes for people’s skin and hair. Smart HDR 3 and Night Mode work on the wide, ultra-wide and selfie camera.

To activate it is easy while opening the iPhone camera. You can touch the HDR button and get the better photos for every picture you capture afterward. However, do you know how to make it happen without clicking the HDR button in the camera every time you need it? It means that the camera is always set for the HDR setting in your iPhone’s camera. If you have not known, just follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to Settings

With Settings, you can set or manage everything in your iPhone, including the smart HDR feature. Therefore, you should find it on the home screen. After that, you can tap on it to open. There will be some options to choose after you tap on it.

  1. Choose the Camera

After you go to the Settings section, you can, then, choose the Camera. In this section, you will find the feature to activate smart HDR automatically. So, just open it and get into this section.

iphone 12 hdr setting

  1. Find the Automatic HDR option and toggle on it

In the camera section, you will find this option. So, just toggle the Automatic HDR to turn it on. When you finish doing this step, then, you can go to the camera and start capturing pictures in better and clearer result. Have a joy with it.

To do three steps only needs a short time, doesn’t it? Those steps are also easy to do. So, be sure to activate the smart HDR on your iPhone to make your photos more beautiful for you. Have a nice experience with it. Well, that is all about how to enable smart HDR on iPhone 12. It can, hopefully, help you so much when you need to set it up on your own iPhone 12. Have a nice try, guys.

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