How to Delete Contacts on iPhone 12 Simply and Easily

There are many reasons why did people delete some contacts on their iPhone 12. One of the reasons for deleting the contacts is because they want to make the contacts free from the unused number. However, each people have their own reason to delete their contacts on the phone. If you want to try to delete some contacts, so you can follow the way how to delete contacts on iPhone 12 easily below!

delete contacts on iphone 12

4 Steps How to Delete Contact on iPhone 12

There are some good ways to deleting the contacts list on your iPhone, but this time we will explain how to delete the contacts on iPhone 12 by using contacts App.

  • Open the Contact menu

To start the process of deleting contacts, you can open the accessed contact from your iPhone 12. After that, find the “Contacts” icon on the home screen of your iPhone 12.

  • Tap the Name of the Contact

After you open the contact menu, you will find the name list there. Then, to delete some contact’s name, you should search the name on the search bar. The search bar is located on the top of the screen. If you have found the search bar, you just need to type the name of the contact.

deletting contacts iphone 12

  • Edit

If you what to change the contact’s name, then you should tap to the “edit” option. This “edit” option is located at the upper right corner of the home screen.

  • Delete Contact

After you type the right name of the contact, you can scroll down your screen and tap to the “delete contact”. The delete contact is located at the bottom of the contact’s page on the screen. If you connect your iPhone 12 to the iCloud account, then the contacts in your iPhone 12 will be clear from all of the connected devices.

Hopefully, this way how to delete contacts on iPhone 12 can help your problem. You just need to follow every single step of that way. Then, you can delete the contact’s name on your iPhone 12.

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