How to Airdrop from iPhone 12 to Mac or Other Apple Device

You will certainly need to know how to airdrop from iPhone 12 to Mac for a certain reason. It is possible to happen when you want to send some files to a Mac from your iPhone 12. You can use this way because it can be the most convenient and fastest way to send files to a Mac wirelessly. So, you can transfer some files like videos, notes, photos, and others in a simple and reliable way with Airdrop.

airdrop from iPhone 12 to Mac

Steps to Airdrop from iPhone 12 to Mac

To do the steps of how to airdrop from iPhone 12 to Mac, you need to have a new version of iOS. Also, you should also have a modern version of Mac OS. Thus, the transferring process of the files will perform better with a new version of the operating system. Here are the steps of airdropping you can try.

  • Tap the Sharing icon. On the iPhone, you can tap this icon to the files you want to airdrop.
  • Choose Airdrop from the Mac. You can choose the Airdrop from the Mac by opening a finder window then choose it from the sidebar.
  • Check the Allow me to be discovered on the Mac by the choice whether it is ‘everyone’ or contacts only’.

airdrop on mac

  • Tap the icon of Airdrop on the sharing screen of iPhone.
  • Wait for the iPhone and the Mac Airdrop allowed occur in the list.
  • Click the Mac/ user ID to start transferring files soon to the Mac.
  • Wait for the transferring process.

Receive Content with AirDrop on Your Mac

After you do the sixth step, the airdropped files will start to transfer from iPhone 12 to your Mac. So, wait for it until finishes. When it finishes, there will be a little sound comes from the Mac as a signal that the transferring process is complete. For the files transferred will be placed in the users’ downloads folder. So, you can find in there.

receive content with airdrop

Everyone need to transfer any files to other devices fast and immediately, include from iPhone 12 to your Mac or other Apple device. In this case, you can learn how to airdrop from iPhone 12 to Mac and practice it to get the easiest experience of transferring files.

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