iPhone 12 Pro Max Unique Features You Should Know

Apple launched the iPhone 12 lineup, which included many powerful features and improvements, but the most powerful of these devices at all is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Intrigued the iPhone 12 pro Max unique features ? Check out some of what we can write for you below.

iphone 12 pro max unique features

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Unique Features which is not Available on the other iPhone 12 Series

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has unique features that are different from the other iPhone 12 series, some of them are below.

LiDAR Sensor Technology

Apple has supported its top phones, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro MAX, with LiDAR technology. Which according to the company, is used by NASA in the landing missions on Mars, and with this new technology.

iphone 12 lidar sensor

The camera in the new iPhone can measure the distance and locate the presence of elements with high speed and accuracy as well as creating a three-dimensional map of any space with ease, and so the new iPhone camera can capture clear photos in low light and Portrait photos in night mode, and the autofocus will work faster than before, regardless of lighting conditions.

The First Dolby Vision

Apple announced the Dolby Vision feature in the iPhone 12 family, and it can be said that the iPhone is the first smartphone to support this technology where professional cameras cannot supporting this technology. So far allows HDR video recording in 10-bit quality, this means capturing 700 million colors and enjoying videos closer to reality thanks to the A14 Bionic iPhone chip.

iphone 12 dolby vision

And for those who do not know the iPhone 12 new feature is an HDR video format that works by adjusting images on a frame-by-frame basis or scene by scene, this helps make the image vibrant in color and more realistic and when recording a Dolby Vision video via the iPhone 12 camera.

The technology will start using dynamic metadata in order to map color and improve images on the screen on a per-basis One scene separately, and the new technology is available for the iPhone 12 family and can record 4K videos at 60 frames per second with the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, while with the standard iPhone 12, users will be limited to a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

ProRAW Mode

iphone 12 proraw

The more expensive iPhone 12 devices have the ProRAW mode, which will soon arrive via an update from Apple and will allow the user to edit photos in addition to professionally transferring and processing them, as well as reducing noise and adjusting the exposure multi-frame. This contributes to color adjustment and white balance to get in the end stunning visuals are full of life.

 Sensor-Shifting Technology

Apple supported its iPhone 12 Pro Max with a new optical stabilization technology known as Sensor-Shifting technology, which is completely different from the optical stabilization technology that we are accustomed to from Apple, where the latter moves the lens in the camera to compensate for the movement when taking pictures, which may lead to interference In photos and videos.

iphone 12 sensor shifting

As for the new technology, you move the sensor instead of the camera lens to get you still images that do not contain blemishes or noise even when you move.

MagSafe Charger

Apple always thinks about adding any technology to the iPhone completely differently, as Apple strives to be the best when using any feature, even if it was previously present in other phones and does not care to be the first and this is the case in wireless charging which was available in phones Android has been around for a long time and at great speeds.

iphone 12 magsafe

However, with the announcement of the iPhone 12, the company unveiled a new ecosystem of accessories thanks to MagSafe technology, which can wirelessly charge the iPhone, and although this technology is not new, Apple has developed it to become a charging standard. Completely wireless, and paves the way for a future iPhone without ports.

Energy Consumption on iPhone 12 Pro Max

Many iPhone users see that the most important thing announced by Apple is the support of the iPhone 12 family for the fifth generation networks, although the company is late.

As we said, it prefers a delay in exchange for bringing the best in the feature and this is what I did by waiting for the second generation of chips The 5G modem is the most energy-efficient and this is evident in the new Smart Data Mode feature, which prevents energy drain when operating fifth-generation networks.

And the fact that using a 5G connection when browsing will consume two hours of iPhone battery life, but thanks to the data mode feature Smartphone will be rationalizing consumption and connecting to the 5G network only when needed.

Ceramic Shield For Protection iPhone 12 Series

Apple said during the unveiling of the iPhone 12 that it is equipped with a layer of Ceramic Shield, which provides protection four times stronger and better in the event of its fall compared to most smartphones currently in existence.

iphone 12 ceramic shield

And indeed tests have shown that the new protection layer is more durable, yet this does not mean that the new iPhone is more resistant to scratching, as it should be noted that the back of the new iPhone has not been improved as on the front, so the occurrence of the device on the back will lead to shattering the glass with ease, but it can be said that the iPhone 12 screen is now able to Withstand crashes much better than previous models.

Finally, you will not find these features on any other phone, although some of these features are not new, Apple was the first to add them in the iPhone 12 lineup, and even improved them to work more efficiently and all this is due to the A14 chip, which provides amazing performance and high speed compared to In any other segment.

How Do I Use Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone 12? Let’s Learn Here

Wi-Fi calling is a feature was introduced in 2014 with the update of iOS 8, but unfortunately many users are unaware of this feature, when it was released, not many telecommunications companies support it (and so far it is not supported in some countries), in this article dear The educated reader who must know everything about the technology, we will get to know this feature in detail, how it works and you will become the expert to use Wi-fi calling on iPhone 12.

What is the Wi-Fi Calling Feature? How to Use on Your iPhone 12?

You want to make a phone call to someone, and this is the basic feature of the phone from the ground up if you remember, so we call it a phone and not a Facebook browser or an app launcher  and in order to make this call, your phone must have a connection to a communications network that has a cell tower, so when you call the phone, this network does its turn and works to connect you to the other party, but what if the network is weak and you do not receive a good signal, here comes the idea of a Wi-Fi connection, it depends on the carrier and relies on a technology called SIP/IMS.

wi-fi calling on iphone 12

The Wi-Fi Calling technology allows your iPhone to make and receive phone calls using a regular Wi-Fi network. Instead of routing your voice packets through the nearest cellular tower to your carrier, these packets are passed over the Internet to a console your cell company uses. The end result is that you talk, but you don’t use a cell tower to do so. For people who live in areas with poor or inconsistent cellular reception, Wi-Fi calling is the absolute lifesaver.

Steps to Make Wi-Fi Calling from iPhone 12iphone 12 wifi calling

  • Turn on “Wi-Fi Calling” by going “Settings“> “Phone“> “Wi-Fi Calling.”
  • You may need to enter or confirm your address for emergency services.
  • If “Wi-Fi Calling” is available, the Wi-Fi network will appear after your carrier name in the status bar. Then your communications will use “Wi-Fi Calling”.

This option will only appear if your telecom operator supports this feature.

Steps to Make and Receive Wi-Fi Calling from Another Device

An amazing feature in Wi-Fi calling is that it turns your other devices into devices that can communicate and receive calls even if the iPhone is far from it. You may ask how this is possible, and devices such as the iPad do not have a phone application, you can make a connection to any phone using Wi-Fi calls via FaceTime, and it is not required that the other party has FaceTime, but the conversation must be audio only, not video.

You must add your other device in the iPhone 12 settings to use the Wi-Fi Calling feature, which allows you to use “Wi-Fi Calling” on this device.

  • Make sure that the device you want to add has the latest version of iOS. Then follow these steps:iphone 12 allow calls
  • On the iPhone, go to “Settings”> “Phone”> “Wi-Fi Calling”.
  • Turn on “Add Wi-Fi Calling to Other Devices“.
  • Return to the previous screen, then press “Calls on other devices“.
  • Turn on “Allow calls on other devices” if it is not on.
  • A list of your eligible devices appears under “Allow calls on“.
  • Turn on every device that you want to use for “Wi-Fi Calling.”

After that, make sure that your other device will receive calls from the iPhone 12.

On an iPad or iPod touch, go to “Settings“> FaceTime, then turn on “Calls from iPhone.”

On a Mac, open the FaceTime app, and choose FaceTime> “Preferences.” Then turn on “Calls from iPhone.”

ipad calls from iphone

  • Connect from iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.
  • Open FaceTime.
  • Click on “Sound.”
  • Enter a contact or phone number, and tap the Phone button Wi-Fi Calls.
  • Call from Apple Watch.
  • Open the “Phone” application.
  • Choose a contact.
  • Press the phone button Wi-Fi Calls.
  • Choose the phone number or FaceTime address you want to call.

What is the Difference Between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro? Which One Should I Choose?

Apple has released the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. So the question is what is the difference between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro? Which one is more suitable for me? Follow us to learn the differences and decide which one is best for you.

difference between iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro

The Difference Between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

If you are interested in buying one of them, you have to compare both from all sides, so that you can have the device according to your needs.

  • Material:

The two phones come with the same design without differences in the external appearance, But there are differences as the side edges of the iPhone 12 are made of “Aerospace-grade” aluminum, which is one of the highest standards in aluminum.

iphone 12 vs iphone 12 pro material

The iPhone 12 Pro uses stainless steel with surgical standards “Surgical-grade” or the so-called SAE 316, which is a degree of standards meaning extreme smoothness. This is called surgical standards because there can be no roughness in the surgical tools. And when the phones are released in a week, we will have to grab them to know the difference.

  • Storage and Price:

The price of the iPhone 12 starts from $800 while the Pro is $1000, but this does not mean that the difference is $200, as the storage capacity of the iPhone 12 with $800 is 64GB compared to 128GB in the iPhone 12 Pro is $1000. This means that the actual difference is only $150 because 12 128 gigabytes are priced at $850.

  • Screen Brightness:

The iPhone 12 comes with the same screen as the Pro, except in the intensity of lighting, which is only 625nits in the iPhone 12, while in the iPhone 12 Pro it reaches 800nit, which means more brightness of the screen in traditional conditions. The maximum brightness of the two phones is 1200nit.

  • Camera and Photography:

The main difference between the ‌iPhone 12‌ and ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ is the rear camera setup. The ‌iPhone 12‌ has a dual 12MP camera system with Ultra Wide and Wide lenses. This facilitates a two-times zoom out. On the other hand, the ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ has a 12MP camera system with Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto lenses. This allows it to offer a two-times zoom in and a two-times zoom out. For video, ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ can record HDR video with Dolby Vision up to 60 fps, but ‌iPhone 12‌ can only do this up to 30fps.

iphone 12 vs iphone 12 pro camera

The ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ also has a LiDAR Scanner, which allows for Night mode portrait photos and enhanced AR experiences. iPhone 12 comes with only 2x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom; While the iPhone 12 Pro provides a 2x optical zoom, a 4x optical zoom, and a 10x digital zoom.

  • LiDAR Sensor:

The Pro models includes a LiDAR depth sensor, which is a sensor that measures the bounce of light on objects and thus identifies the quality and shape of objects and draws a picture of the place before photography, as well as can be used in different fields. Apple said that it will use it in night mode photography to help the iPhone guess objects in poor lighting. It can also be used in AR fields. The 12 Pro only contains this sensor, while the traditional 12 does not exist.

  • Colors:

The two devices also use completely different color palettes. The ‌iPhone 12‌ is available in Blue, Green, PRODUCT(RED), White, and Black, while the ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ is available in Pacific Blue, Gold, Graphite, and Silver.

iphone 12 iphone 12 pro color

Which iPhone is Right for Me?

If you are confused about which to choose, here are some tips that may help.

  • Buy an iPhone 12:

If you want to save $150-200, you will use the phone daily traditional use of games, photography, and everything; Often times you put your phone in a “case”, so you won’t feel the difference in materials, not even colors.

And do not use your phone in bright light like the sun too much, so do not suffer from seeing the screen.  If you are from the above then the iPhone 12 is the best for you.

  • Buy Pro:

If you are a photography professional; We repeat if you are professional photography; This does not mean that the iPhone 12 is poorly portrayed. Of course, it will be impressive, but as we mentioned, you are a professional i.e. you want to get the best possible thing and the best pictures that can be taken.

Other than photography, there is nothing to mention except for materials and colors if you are using the phone without a case.

The Similarities Between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Before we talk about the differences, these are completely identical matters between the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro.

  • Same 6.1-inch screen size, dimensions, length, width, thickness, as well as the same design.
  • The same standard of IP68 water resistance to a depth of 6 meters for 30 minutes as well as the same glass protection layer Ceramic Shield front.
  • The same support for 5G communication networks.
  • Same A14 processor and 17 hours of battery life in the videos.
  • Support for MagSafe chargers and accessories.
  • Same screen, same technology, pixel count, and color standard; There is one difference on the screen that we will mention in the differences.
  • It is assumed that the two cameras in 12 are also in the 12 Pro, but there are differences we will mention in the differences.

The same front camera with the same features and technologies.

iPhone 12 Hidden Feature that You Probably Didn’t Know

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are now officially available, and customers can obtain it, and after the release of the iPhone, many reviews were made and new unannounced features were discovered, either in reports of leaks or even in the official conference to launch the iPhone. You may think that you have become aware of everything big and small about the latest iPhone, but as is known to all, Apple does not reveal all the details at once about iPhone 12 hidden feature , and with time it discovers things that you did not know anything about.

iphone 12 hidden feature

Apple iPhone 12 hidden features you should know about

In this article, we will reveal iPhone 12 hidden feature may not have known that the device can do. here’s:

You Can Charge the Battery to 50% in Just 30 Minutes

iphone 12 turbo charge

iPhone 12 has the option of fast charging through which it charges up to 50% in just 30 minutes. But you have to do it right. To charge as fast as possible, you’ll need the optional 20W Apple Charger and USB-C to Lightning cable that came with the phone.

You can Use iPhone 12 as a Car Key

Apple’s CarKey feature was only in the pipeline earlier this year, and Apple has finally opened the door to let you use your iPhone as a key. You can use this virtual key to unlock, operate your car, and more. You can even share it with others. It’s only available on select BMW vehicles but is expected to be introduced on other vehicle models shortly.

iphone 12 car key

It takes quite a bit to add your virtual key to your Apple wallet. You must have an account on the manufacturer’s website for your car, and both the car and the Apple Wallet app must be linked to the same account. Once paired, you can keep the real car keys in a safe place and carry an iPhone instead.

You Can Stream and Play Games from Your Xbox

iphone 12 xbox games

The A14 Bionic processor includes a quad-core GPU that lets you play console-like quality games. Not only will you be able to play Apple Arcade games, but you will also be able to play Xbox games. Microsoft’s latest Xbox app adds the ability to stream games from a connected Xbox console. And with a faster iPhone 12 processor and OLED screens, the games on iPhone 12 will be impressive.

You Can Take Amazing Selfies at Night

Apple has refreshed the camera system on the iPhone 12, adding a LiDAR “light and range detection” camera. As its name suggests, LiDAR measures the distance from your camera to objects in your surroundings.

iphone 12 night selfie

The LiDAR camera assists in augmented reality applications and plays a role in low-light photography and selfies by improving autofocus and reducing capture time. Add to that the A14 Bionic processor, which enables advanced night mode shooting and great picture in the dark.

Water-Resistance Holds up to a Depth of 30 Minutes

iPhone 12 series has an IP68 water resistance rating, which means it can take a fair amount of risk before major malfunctions begin. The two letters IP in IP68 symbolize protection from ingress of water and dust, while the number 6 refers to protection from particles such as sand and dust, with the highest rating being 6, and the iPhone 12 meeting this level. The number 8 is the water resistance rating, and the highest scale is 9.

iphone 12 water resistance

If you drop your iPhone 12 in the water, it can stay underwater for 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters (20 feet). This is superior to the iPhone 11, which is only 30 minutes water-resistant to 2 meters. It also outperforms the iPhone 11 Pro, which can stay for half an hour also at a depth of 4 meters before being damaged by water.

How to Get Siri on iPhone 12 Easily And Effortlessly

Having an iPhone, you might be happy because this kind of device has many updated features, games, and exclusive apps. It even offers you with the Siri option. By the existence of Siri, you could access your phone with your voice command. Yet, you need to enable it first. Then, how to get Siri on iPhone 12 must become a necessary question for any iPhone 12 user’s. Why using Siri? Because it allows you to pick up the call, send messages with your voice command only. Easy, right? Well, today, we are about to discuss how to activate Siri on iPhone 12 as well. Let’s check it out the instructions below!

get siri on iphone 12

How to Get Siri on iPhone 12 with ‘Hey Siri’

There are some ways to activate your Siri feature on your iPhone 12. Yet, using ‘Hey Siri’ must be the best one; it is fast and requires only a minute to do that. Well, let’s take a look at some tips in the following details below to enable your Siri!

  1. Go to the Setting

To begin with, let you go to your phone’s Settings. Then, pick up the option ‘Siri & Search’ on your screen. Soon, the Siri & Search window will open automatically on your device.

  1. Select ‘Listen for ‘Hey Siri’’ option

setup siri iphone 12

Once the Siri & Search window pops up, let you tap option the ‘Listen for ‘Hey Siri’’ on its toggle button to enable it. Then, click ‘Enable Siri’ selection. This will activate your Siri soon.

  1. Train your Siri

Your Siri has been activated well! Yet, it has not recognized your voice! Therefore, let you continue on the “Hey Siri” command. Then, practice your voice command for three to five times until your Siri is ready! Now, it is time to start your commands!

Enabling Siri with The Side Button

siri side buttonIf you want to turn on your Siri without a voice because you are in a noisy environment or a workplace, just do some things below!

  1. Open ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Siri & Search’ on your iPhone 12.
  2. Activate the ‘Press Side Button for Siri’ toggle by switching it to the right side.
  3. Press the Side button to test your Siri. That’s all! It must be easy, right?

Finally, Siri might also be useful to translate languages, to know weather info, to pick up phone’s calling, and many more. Well, that’s all about how to get Siri on iPhone 12; you could follow those instructions mentioned to activate it.

How to Group FaceTime Call on iPhone 12 Easily

Do you ever think to do group facetime by someone or your family? You can do it if you are the user of iPhone 12. This gadget is very special and brings many features which can you use all day. Well, how to group facetime call on iPhone 12 will you learn here. You can do group facetime with more than one people. Absolutely, it is very interesting.

facetime call on iphone 12

The Ways on How to Group Facetime Call on iPhone 12

Doing group call on iPhone 12 is very interesting. This 5-minute video explores many interesting features of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Some of them are about the daily use and suitable for watching by users who have not used an iPhone.

A number of features described are swipe gesture instead of the Home Button, security with Face ID, Portrait Depth Control technology with a new camera, Dual SIM, Emoji, and Group facetime

The most interesting part is the use of Portrait Depth Control and also Dual SIM. The Portrait Depth Control feature works in the Camera application in Portrait mode for all three devices. Its main use is to set the Aperture of the photos you will take or have taken and get the Bokeh effect as needed.

As for the Dual SIM feature, Apple explained that this feature is suitable for users who want to separate personal and work cellphone numbers, but only carry an iPhone. In the video above also explained that each incoming call will show which number comes from. As for eSIM technology on the new iPhone, you only need to contact the operator who has supported and will later get the QR Code to start using eSIM. So, how to do group facetime call by iPhone 12?

Start a Group FaceTime call from the FaceTime app

facetime call iphone 12Well, you can use messages application to do group facetime call on iPhone 12. However, this application can only use for private conversation thread. However, it is automatically calling someone and facetime will send a message for the group. There will be a button to join for the call.

  1. Go to Settings > FaceTime, and make sure that FaceTime is on.
  2. Open FaceTime and tap the Add button (+) in the top-right corner.
  3. Enter the name of your contacts, phone numbers, or emails.
  4. To start your FaceTime call, tap Audio or Video. You can add up to 32 people to a Group FaceTime call.

So, it is easy, right? You can practice how to group facetime call on iPhone 12 to make your day happily. Try it now.

How to Install iOS Updates Without iTunes on iPhone 12

If you go with the new iOS version, of course, the benefit is the new features, more exciting changes, and bug solved. It is like using a brand new iPhone. When you are about upgrading your iPhone to the latest version of iOS, it means you have to download the update to your PC and install the update by synchronizing it to iTunes. Fortunately, for those who have iOS 5 or higher, they do not do this again. They can install the iPhone software updates, wirelessly. We have a full guide to try. These guidelines also support iPod touch and iPad. Let’s try to Install iOS Updates on your iPhone 12 below.

install iOS updates

Steps to Install iOS Updates Without iTunes

  • Back up your data to start via iCloud or iTunes. Doing back up for your latest data is important, so you can save them when there is something wrong with the upgrade.
  • Be sure that there is a Wi-Fi connection. It is because the updates are big to prevent wasting your monthly wireless data. Wi-Fi is always faster and easier. When you decide to upgrade your iPhone, make sure that the device has enough battery life. If possible, plug it into a power source when the battery is less than 50% because the process can be quite long.
  • Hit the Settings app on the home screen.
  • Scroll down and tap General.
  • Tap the Software Update menu. It lets your device to check for the available update. The device will give you the report for the available updates, the details of the update to add to your device. Choose to Install now button at the bottom of the screen. The software upgrade for your iPhone is ready to start.

iphone 12 software update

  • The device will ask you whether you want to download it through Wi-Fi with a notification that you must connect your device to a power source. Hit OK. There is a Term screen and choose Agree button at the bottom right.
  • Your device is ready to download with the blue progress bar moving across the display screen. After that, there is a pop-up window, which is the sign that the download completed. The pop-up window asks you whether you want to install the update directly or later. Choose Install.
  • The device starts installing the update with the screen turns in black. It shows the Apple logo. After that, there is a progress bar to show you the installation progress.
  • Once the iOS update completely installed, the device will restart.
  • You need to enter the passcode, the Apple ID password and other basic information to complete the upgrade. Enter it.
  • You have a brand new iOS for your iPhone.

The benefits you will get if you update your iOS

The updater is switches the old iOS for the new one and installs any security updates. It will then take you through a setup process, just to verify your Apple ID details. Then you can continue to use your device like before, but with all the new features.

So there are a few things that can happen if you don’t update your device to the latest iOS software.

  • Your Apps may eventually stop working. When new software comes out most apps start to work in conjunction with the current software that has been released.
  • Security! Yes with new software updates come new security and protection. The iPhone is already extremely secure, but with new updates, it makes sure that you stay secure.
  • Eventually, your phone will slow down. With new updates, they optimize your phone to work its best. Without the update, it may not be able to function properly or even perform certain tasks.

After reading the article about how to install iOS updates on your iPhone, are you going to do it? It’s all up to you.