How to Factory Reset iPhone 12 and Back to Default Setting

All people must have already had a smartphone like iPhone. That is because iPhone offers them many features and apps. However, even though it is a smartphone, sometimes, iPhone could also be an error. If it happens, you have to reset your phone. Then, the question of how to factory reset iPhone 12 must be a famous question among the people especially the iPhone 12 users. Well, this article will explain more about this topic. Let’s check it out below!

factory reset iphone 12

Steps to Factory Reset iPhone 12, 12 Max and 12 Max Pro

If you cannot understand how to factory reset iPhone 12, it is a must for you to read this article. Therefore, you will have known the steps to do it. Here are the ways of resetting iPhone using hard reset.

  • Switch on the device

Before switching on the device, if you found your phone is an error, let you force to restart your iPhone. Press and hold both the home button and the power button at the same time until you see the Apple logo. After that, try to switch on the phone. Press and hold down the power key for a moment. Then, go to the Home Screen for doing the next step.


reset iphone 12

  • Go to the Setting

You should go to the Setting and click General. Then, select Reset and choose to Erase All Content and Settings. After that, you will see the warning. You need to confirm it to continue the process of resetting the device. If you are not sure to reboot the phone, then, let you press the cancel button.

erase all content ipphone 12

  • Enter the Passcode

All iPhone 12 must be different; you may and may not enter the passcode. Of course, this will depend on you, whether or not you make your phone private. If you are being asked to insert the passcode, you just need to type it. Accept all info, and finally, it finishes. You have to wait for the resetting process, though. Sometimes it requires 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Other Ways to Reset Your Apple iPhone 12

There are different ways of how to factory reset iPhone 12 on which this article is going to discuss. Let’s read it in these following details.

  • iTunes

Have you ever heard iTunes app? Well, you must have, right? It is because iTunes is such a lovely app which people use most. To use iTunes to reset your phone, you should connect it to the PC. Open iTunes, choose Restore Button and click Restore iPhone. Your iTunes, then, will prepare and download the software. To finish it, tap Set up as a new iPhone.

restore iphone 12

  • iCloud

Well, iCloud is pretty similar to the iTunes. Do not forget to back up your data and file, though.

  • On your iOS go to Settings > General > Software Update. If a newer version of iOS is available, follow the onscreen instructions to download and install it.
  • Make sure you have a recent backup to restore from. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups. Then tap a device listed under Backups to see the date and size of its latest backup.
  • Go to Settings > General > Reset, then tap Erase All Content and Settings.
  • On the Apps & Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup, then sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Proceed to “Choose backup,” then choose from a list of available backups in iCloud.

iphone 12 restore from icloud

  • Recovery Mode

Connect your device with the computer. Then, switch off the phone. Press and hold the power button for a while; it is about 3 seconds. After that, press and hold both Volume Down and Power button. Tap the power button again. If there is Recovery Mode notification, click ok. Accept all the alerts and wait for the process ends.

Finally, that’s all about how to factory reset iPhone 12. Hopefully; it will be helpful info to anyone who exactly needs this reference

How to Pair iPhone 12 with AirPods or Other Bluetooth Accessory

pair iphone 12 with airpodsDo you know the role of iPhone Bluetooth for your device? Besides, it can be used to transfer files, you can also use it to pair with AirPods. You, as the iPhone users, can have this service for an enjoyable experience. All new iPhone device can pair with AirPods or other Bluetooth earbuds, including iPhone 12. Are you one of the people who have this kind of smartphones? If you are and you need to know the ways to make it happen, you can follow the following explanation. So, pay attention to the explanation of how to pair your iPhone 12 with AirPods or any other Bluetooth Accessory below.

Steps to Pair your iPhone 12 with AirPods

  • iphone 12 airpods etupGo to the Home screen.
  • Open the case—with your AirPods inside—and hold it next to your iPhone.
  • A setup animation appears on your iPhone.
  • Tap Connect.
  • If you have AirPods Pro, read the next three screens.
  • If you have AirPods Pro or AirPods (2nd generation) and you already set up “Hey Siri” on your iPhone, then “Hey Siri” is ready to use with your AirPods. If you haven’t set up “Hey Siri” already and you have AirPods Pro or AirPods (2nd generation), you’ll be guided through the setup.
  • Tap Done.
  • If you’re signed in to iCloud, your AirPods are set up automatically with any of your supported devices that are signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID.

Pair your iPhone 12 with Other Bluetooth Accessory

iphone 12 bluetooth oairThese are the steps that you can follow to pair your iPhone 12 with Bluetooth Earbuds.

  • On your device, go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth. Stay on this screen until you complete the steps to pair your accessory.
  • Place your accessory in discovery mode and wait for it to appear on your device. If you can’t see it or aren’t sure how to make it discoverable, check the instructions that came with your accessory or contact the manufacturer.
  • To pair, tap your accessory name when it appears onscreen. You might need to enter the PIN or passkey. If you aren’t sure what your PIN or passkey is, check the documentation for your accessory.

Yes, that is all about the explanation of how to pair your iPhone 12 with AirPods or any other Bluetooth Earbuds. Hopefully, you can follow those ways for your own need.

How to Enable Smart HDR on iPhone 12 Automatically

Hi iPhone lovers? Do you need to have some photos which are clearly visible? Do you want it to happen in your iPhone 12? If so, smart HDR is the best solution for you. With this feature in the iPhone’s camera, the light and dark in your photos will be well-balanced. Thus, you can have some better pictures in your photo gallery. The question is, do you know how to enable smart HDR on iPhone 12? In a simple way, you can search the HDR button and click on it to activate it. You will find it on the top of your iPhone screen while opening the camera.

enable smart HDR on iphone 12

Simple Steps to Enable Smart HDR on iPhone 12 Automatically

The new iPhone 12 bring Smart HDR 3, which optimizes the dynamic range of photos, identifies scenes like skies and optimizes for people’s skin and hair. Smart HDR 3 and Night Mode work on the wide, ultra-wide and selfie camera.

To activate it is easy while opening the iPhone camera. You can touch the HDR button and get the better photos for every picture you capture afterward. However, do you know how to make it happen without clicking the HDR button in the camera every time you need it? It means that the camera is always set for the HDR setting in your iPhone’s camera. If you have not known, just follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to Settings

With Settings, you can set or manage everything in your iPhone, including the smart HDR feature. Therefore, you should find it on the home screen. After that, you can tap on it to open. There will be some options to choose after you tap on it.

  1. Choose the Camera

After you go to the Settings section, you can, then, choose the Camera. In this section, you will find the feature to activate smart HDR automatically. So, just open it and get into this section.

iphone 12 hdr setting

  1. Find the Automatic HDR option and toggle on it

In the camera section, you will find this option. So, just toggle the Automatic HDR to turn it on. When you finish doing this step, then, you can go to the camera and start capturing pictures in better and clearer result. Have a joy with it.

To do three steps only needs a short time, doesn’t it? Those steps are also easy to do. So, be sure to activate the smart HDR on your iPhone to make your photos more beautiful for you. Have a nice experience with it. Well, that is all about how to enable smart HDR on iPhone 12. It can, hopefully, help you so much when you need to set it up on your own iPhone 12. Have a nice try, guys.

How to Fast Charge iPhone 12 Using Some Elements

Does iPhone have a fast charge? This question will lead you to this interesting discussion which is about how to fast charge iPhone 12. Before knowing it more, it is better for you to recognize the important something. It is that fast charging lets for the power to be transmitted to the battery of your iPhone. It will do that faster than a slower charger from a computer. Moreover, the fast charging will refill the battery up to 50 percent just in 30 minutes. It sounds very great, isn’t it?

fast charge iphone 12

Several Elements that Can be Used to Fast Charge Your iPhone 12

In relation to the fast charging on the iPhone 12, you need to know that there are some significant elements which are needed. Do you have a want to know them, guys? It should be like that if you want to get fast charge your iPhone 12. So, here are the elements:

  1. The USB-C Lightning Cable

It will be a fact if you have a want for fast charging, there won’t be a cable which is cut. Many smartphones like iPhone 12 come from the system of USB-C advanced version. Actually, this USB-C can transmit the power faster than the older USB standards. Furthermore, the new generation of iPhone included the iPhone 12 needs a lightning cable of USB-C.

30w apple adapter

  1. The 30W Power Adapter

Essentially, the charger also requires an adapter which is completed with a port of USB-C. It is a 30W adapter. Some people may have this because it is charger part and comes with many of Apple’s MacBooks. Most of them use the compatible charging blocks of USB-C. So, you are able to use one of them in order to get fast charge your iPhone 12.

On the other hand, there are two choices which are cheaper than two elements above. The first choice is a wall charger. It is 30W USB-C. In addition, it is included in one of the good choices because the price is just $26. You are able to use this choice as the fast charger of your iPhone. Also, it will work well when you combine it using the cable of Apple.

Fast Charging your iPhone 12 Using Wireless Charger

Then, the second choice is called a wireless charger. What do you think about fast charging using a wireless charger? In a fact, it can be a solution for you to get a faster-charging wireless on your iPhone. It is like that even though the technology has not yet become the best-wired chargers.

wireless charger for iphone 12

Well, those are a great discussion to fast charge iPhone 12. You are allowed to choose one of them which you want. If you will spend money, you can buy the cable or power adapter. However, if you want the cheaper choices, you can use a wall charger or a wireless charger.

How to Set up Face ID on iPhone 12 to Secure Your Privacy

Apple had launched the new iPhone 12. Apple claims these devices as the best products of the year. The manufacturer produces it with A14 Bionic chip and the better camera quality. Alongside that, the iPhone 12 has completed with the Face ID as the main unlock feature. By the way, how to set up Face ID on iPhone 12 is the topic of the day. The information is very important for you and the others. Lets check below.

set up face id on iphone 12

Steps to Set up Face ID on iPhone 12 to Secure Your Privacy From the Irresponsible People

Why does Apple apply this feature and delete the home button? Actually, Apple does not dispel the Home button but it just displaces to another place.  According to Apple, Face ID is a security that is much safer than the Touch ID key. Face ID is a biometric face identity scanner on the iPhone 12. Face ID features to unlock your iPhone 12 and lock it back easily. With this feature, no one can open your iPhone. So, you can leave it anywhere without anyone being able to break it. This feature can also be used to authenticate Apple Pay, App Store, and iTunes transactions.

Apparently, you cannot use the feature directly and you have to set the Face ID first.

Below are the steps to set it up it on your new iPhone 12:

  1. Navigate your iPhone 12 to Settings from your Home screen. Then, tap on it.
  2. Find the face ID and passcode by scrolling down then tap.
  3. Next, enter your Passcode. Create a passcode first if you don’t already have one.
  4. Tap Set Up Face ID in the next screen.
  5. Let the Face ID feature on iPhone register your Face.
  6. Click Start.
  7. Place your face in the right position. So that the camera and sensor can scan your face well.
  8. Next, the iPhone will capture all the characteristics of your face.
  9. Finally, press OK to confirm after all the transfer process is complete.

Apple really gives an easiness to protect everything inside your iPhone 12. The fact, the guide to set up Face ID on the iPhone 12 can also be used for the 12 mini and 12 Pro. Now, your privacy is your absolute right!

Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 12: Get the Simple Methods

Have you recognized the ways to show battery percentage on iPhone 12? Don’t feel confused if you have not known it yet! This following information will help you to find ways. Hence, how do you show battery percentage on iPhone 12? Here are the different methods that you can use and select.

show battery percentage on iphone 12

The Methods to Show The Battery Percentage on iPhone 12

Here, there will be the first methods that you can do if you want to show the battery percentage on your iPhone 12. So, what are the methods? Yea, don’t wait for a long time to get it!

  1. Opening the Control Center

The first tip that you have to follow is that opening the Control Center. How can you do that? It can be done by swiping down the screen of your iPhone 12 from the top right corner. So, you will find the battery percentage on it.

  1. Swiping the screen

Then, the second tip is swiping the screen from left to right. You can do it from the Lock screen or Home screen. Thus, you will see the percentage of the battery near the top of the Today View screen.

  1. Asking Siri

What does it mean? Yea, by using this tips, you can also know the percentage of the battery of your iPhone 12. In this case, you can try asking Siri, “What is my iPhone’s battery percentage?” It is just an example, so you can use your own words. Greatly, the digital assistant will tell you directly how much the battery percentage that you have used.

  1. Plugging the iPhone to Battery Charger

The last tips in this first method can be done by plugging in your iPhone 12 to charge. Exactly, you will see the battery percentage that is shown on the Lock screen.

Another Method how to get battery percentage on iPhone 12

There is also another method that you can try to get information about the percentage of the battery on your iPhone 12. What are they? Here they are.

  1. Adding the batteries widget

Actually, you are allowed to add the batteries widget to Today View. So, just pin it there if you want to see the battery percentage anytime. It will help you to show the battery life on the connected devices well.

  1. Getting a detailed battery consumption

Then, you can also get the analysis of detailed battery consumption in the Settings app. Just go to the Settings and then choose the option of battery.

Well, it is a good reference for you if you want to know the battery percentage on your iPhone 12. Have a nice learning!

Screenshot on iPhone 12: Easy Guides for the Users

Hello everyone! Do you have the iPhone 12? If that is right, do you want to take screenshot on iPhone 12? Actually, the ways to do it are the same as the ways of how to screenshot on iPhone 12 Pro. To get more information about the ways to do it, you can check in the reference below. Please give your best attention!

screenshot on iphone 12

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 12 Using Button

When you operate your new iPhone 12 and want to take a screenshot, how can you do it? The first guide to do that is by using the button on iPhone. So, let’s check the steps below!

  1. Press two kinds of button

What does it mean? Yea, it means that if you will take a screenshot, you should press the side button and Volume Up button. Please do it at the same time! When you release both buttons, the screenshot will be taken.

  1. Edit the screenshot

After taking the screenshot, you will see it at the bottom of the screen. If you want to edit it, just tap on it and you will find the option to annotate and edit. Even, you are allowed to crop the screenshot that you take from here.

  1. Share screenshot

Then, if you want to share the screenshot, you can tap and hold on the preview. So, you can send it to the chosen app. On the other hand, you can also dismiss or ignore the screenshot preview. It is because it will be saved automatically in the screenshot album.

Taking a Screenshot Using Assistive Touch on Your New iPhone 12

Besides, you are allowed to use another guide to take a screenshot on your iPhone 12. Actually, it will use the button of Assistive Touch. Do you want to recognize the steps? Please follow them well!

  1. Turn on the Assistive Touch

To enable this app, you have to follow some steps. First, please go to the Settings and then choose the General menu. In this menu, there will be the option of Accessibility, just tap on it! So, you will find the button of Assistive Touch and can enable it.

  1. Customize the Top Level Menu

What should you do then? Yea, to customize the menu, you are suggested to tap on the icon of Custom. Then, you are allowed to choose the option of a screenshot from the available list. Thus, the button of the screenshot will be added to the menu of the Assistive Touch.

  1. Take screenshot

It comes to the last step to take a screenshot by using Assistive Touch. Since the screenshot button has been added to the Assistive Touch menu in the previous step, so you can take a screenshot. You may take a one-handed screenshot by tapping on the button of Assistive Touch.

Well, it is about the guides to take a screenshot on your iPhone 12. Just choose one of the guides that you want to use!